Rockin 'Germany for over 25 years!

American Rock & Roll one man band

I am originally from the United States of America, born and raised in Bloomington, MN.

1984 – 1991
Highschool & US Army

After completing high school, I began my military service in the U.S. Army. I was a soldier for 7 years and was stationed in Germany, Würzburg for 2.5 years.

During my stay in Germany I fell in love with a beautiful student and decided to stay here until further notice.

1990 Brainstorm

I’ve been playing drums ever since and I’ve started playing drums in numerous bands in Germany and gained so much experience in the music business.

In 1990 I got the offer to join the band Brainstorm as a singer. Brainstorm won at this time many prizes at newcomer festivals, was represented in the regional radio charts and entered in a competition even against the well-known band J.B.O. at. One of our hits on radio was “Runin` for your life”.

“Runin` for your life”

1991 – 1996
Wanted, Touch & F.U.C.K.

After some time, we decided under the new band name Wanted to become a professional cover band and thrilled for 2 years at local events with our clenched Rock&Roll Power.

In 1993 I got the offer to sing in the very successful band Touch and worked there as a contract musician from 1993 to 1996.

But I longed for more acting freedom on the stage and switched to the band F.U.C.K. where I could live my whole hard-rock heavy metal soul with a lot of stage show, chainsaw action, spitting fire and an electric chair on stage.

1995 – 1999

When my beloved daughter Christina was born on 5.5.1995, my life changed abruptly and I started to focus more on songwriting, moving away from cover banding for 2 years.

After having sung in heavy metal bands for 7 years, I needed a break to learn better guitar and spend more time in the music studio.

Then I met Eddy. At that time a young Russian with vodka in his blood, shortly after completing his music studies and a wild demigod on the E-Guitar.

We both of the same age, the same influences and the same love of music decided to start a duo project without further ado. The “Whiskey & Vodka Duo” “also known under Tim & Eddy was born.

1998 – presently
TimBo Studio

Having played the guitar for 17 years and gained experience in the industry, I decided to spend more time, money and energy in my own music studio and slowly built up a professional music studio over the years.

Not only did I want to be able to take singles, but also anyone who feels like it, be it a band, a singer, a student of a music school or just someone who wants to give away a song on CD that he sings himself.

At the same time, a friend offered to make a DJ at the barracks near Vilseck, Germany, sometimes to stay in touch with other Americans at the same time. In the course of these experiences, in 1998 I started to make my own events with FunTime Karaoke as Karaoke Cowboy Tim Brown.

Now I’m busy, in addition to many live performances in pubs and bars, at festivals, weddings, beer festivals, beer gardens, birthdays, events and concerts with local music productions, such as. My project “Frankens Kneipenmusiker” and also produce my own songs in Timmis Recording Studio

current activities

White Sox – Baseball – est. 1994

SpVgg Erlangen 1904 e.V.

Base- und Softballabteilung
Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 11
91052 Erlangen – Germany


First Team: Mi 8:00 – 10:00pm

previous activities

Baseball & Football

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